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A need to understand the global economic context

The financial globalization and the growing interconnections between economic actors have deeply affected the nature of financial risks. A high leverage effect and a strong mimetism in actors' investment decisions cause bubbles and subsequent crashes across all markets, from stocks and forex to bonds and commodities.

Understand and overcome the weaknesses of the traditional models

Industry standard risk measures are adapted to 'normal' market modes. However these measures systematically underestimate the magnitude of losses occurring in periods of generalized stress, where the interactions between markets and players amplify the moves.

Investors and companies are not doomed to suffer these huge losses. Riskelia has developed a set of innovative operational indicators which dynamically detect these 'chaotic' market phases and enable investors to avoid the harmful losses that such market turbulence usually incurs.



    Our tools are designed to characterize the behaviors of actors in financial markets in order to anticipate sharp fluctuations in future financial asset prices.


    We advocate a different view of extreme market risks, giving a more central role to behavioral and economic insights at the expense of purely statistical approaches, commonly used to quantify potential losses.

    A global, cross-markets view

    We analyze all liquidly traded assets in the world and take into account the complex network of inter-markets connections.