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Each day of the week, receive a different perspective on unfolding market trends: Free Trial

  • The Full-scope radar is sent on Monday.
  • The Commodities radar is sent on Tuesday.
  • The Macro-risk radar is sent on Wednesday.
  • The Tactical Investment radar is sent on Thursday.
You will also receive our Quarterly Review and enjoy direct access to the team who are available to answer any questions you may have.


Riskelia also offers customized on-demand services.

The Radar can be applied to any custom universe or portfolio respecting specific constraints.

Examples of missions:

  • Analysis of a given market or strategy: nature and dynamics of exposures and inter-connections
  • Development of custom indicators and implementation of ad-hoc resilient strategies
  • Automatic alert system
  • Assessment of risk configurations in the markets, generation of dynamic and relevant stress-tests
  • Design of customized portfolios with specific universes and/or constraints, implementation and update


Interested in adding Riskelia’s indicators to your set of in-house tools? Anxious to develop a greater understanding of the Radar’s machinery?

In addition to the global package, this option includes advanced training courses on the following topics:

  • Implementation and back testing of the Radar’s indicators
  • Design of quantitative investment strategies
  • Tactical allocation and recommendation/decision making tools
  • Understanding and controlling extreme risks on commodities and currencies

These courses are adapted to fund managers, traders, quants and risk-managers with a background in quantitative analysis.